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We believe accurate share register analysis to be fundamental to any public companies’ investor relations activities. With this ethos we also provide complementary IR services.

Share Register Analysis

Our core offering at Investor Insight is Share Register Analysis. Our aim is to deliver the most accurate shareholder analysis available: identifying all institutional and retail global shareholders as well as uncovering all custodian accounts, regardless of geographical location.

Daily Trade Monitoring

We identify institutional movements to the ‘fund’ & ‘portfolio manager’ level, and deliver our findings via a daily e-mail. This allows you to identify and assess who is trading the stock, without having to wait for a full monthly report.

Content Management System Integration

Our data integrates seamlessly with Investor Relationship Management and Targeting platforms.

Perception Studies

IR and ESG perception studies. We conduct research on the views of investors and analysts in order to provide actionable recommendations on company IR and Sustainability programmes.

Bespoke Reports & Flexibility

Our reports and analysis are tailored to your specific requirements. We do not believe in tying down clients with yearly retainer-style contracts. Our prices are fully inclusive, with no ‘hidden extras’.